Calling golden rocket frog

Golden rocket frogs (Anomaloglossus beebei) spend their entire lives in giant tank bromeliads (Brocchinia micrantha). Males defend territories in these plants and regularly call to attract females and repel rival males. Here is a male calling in his defended bromeliad.


Kai rocket frog courtship

I had often read descriptions of the so-called “crab-walk” behavior that some male poison frogs and rocket frogs do when courting a female, so I was excited to finally see it for myself. In between courtship calls they do this quick side to side shimmy movement (the females must love it!). In this video a male Kai rocket frog (Anomaloglossus kaiei) is calling and doing “crab-walks” in the middle of the screen as a female approaches from the left, before they both hop away to continue in a more secluded location.